Internal rules for internet studies

Al-Isbaah Institute specializes in teaching the Arabic language and The Quran and its various subjects.

The Institute is not dedicated to any political purpose and is not responsible for any activity contrary to the Quran and The Sunnah.

The student must be adhere to good Islamic behavior, behaviours suitable for the student of knowledge and to be respectful towards teachers and members of the administration. And if a problem arises, the student must inform the administration so that the problem is resolved in the best way.

The Administration reserves the right after observing bad behaviour by a student towards one of the teachers or members of the Administration to exclude the latter from the Institute without notice.

In order to validate his registration, the student must pay the registration fee for the level in which he was admitted before entering the class.

The institute does not authorize the exchange of personal details between the student and the paid teacher.

If the student intends to stop after his session, he must imperatively notify us otherwise the classes will continue normally, and a new session will begin even if the payment has not yet been made.

Equipment :

Each student must ensure that their equipment is working properly before each course by performing the following actions:

– Check if the webcam, the microphone and the headphones are properly connected.

– Close programs that are not related to the course (especially programs that use video audio as messenger or others).

– Wifi is strongly discouraged (for risks of cut), please use a cable to connect to the internet.

Time slots:

The student will have to choose a schedule among the green free time slots, which are mentioned on the website in the « teacher availability » section.

During his apprenticeship the student will be able to change his time slot by contacting the administration, our team will make every effort to satisfy his request, however we can not be held responsible for the lost days if the teachers are not available in the time required by the student.

During the course of his apprenticeship the institute may ask the student to change time slot if a teacher has to stop or if one of the prayers falls within the chosen time.

For any temporary stoppage, the chosen time slot will be automatically lost and the student will have to choose another free time slot once he returns.

General organization of studies:

It is mandatory for the student to perform all the homework given by the teacher.

Students are prohibited from speaking about a legislated science other than the Arabic language during classes, as well as not being permitted to speak in any language other than literary Arabic, except in cases of major necessity.

The student must observe a behavior in accordance with Islam with the teachers and the administration.

Presence and absences:


The student must present himself assiduously to his courses without being late to the agreed appointment, and he must notify the administration of any delay as well as the teacher

If the teacher arrives more than 5 minutes late, the student must inform the administration so that this time is calculated and caught up at the end of the level. However, a delay of 5 minutes or less is not counted. The student must wait a quarter of an hour, in case of the teacher’s delay, before disconnecting, otherwise for that class the student will be considered absent.


The student is not allowed to be absent off without notifying the administration, at least 24 hours before the class, as he is not allowed to notify the teacher directly. Any unjustified absence will be counted from the number of days of the student. Each student is allowed to take time off with justification, during the month,  a number of days equivalent to the number of days studied per week, beyond that, any absence will be counted from the number of days of the student, except in the case of a stop for which the student will have notified the administration a week in advance. For example:

A student with 2 days of classes per week will only be allowed to be absent with justification for 2 days per one-month session. Any absence on the part of the teacher will be made up on another day of the week, or will be caught up at the end of the session.

Temporary stoppage of classes:

If the student wishes to stop for an extended period of time, i.e.: 3 days or more, this is not considered an absence, but a temporary stop, and he will have to inform the administration a week in advance, knowing that:

He will no longer have priority over the schedule he was studying when he resumes classes.

He will no longer have priority over the teacher with whom he was studying.

The count of his remaining days to study remains acquired for 3 months. The time limit exceeded the student will not be able to catch up with his remaining courses.

If he does not warn a week in advance, the count of his remaining days to study will be lost.


Payment must be made before the start of the new session however we will tolerate a delay of up to 7 days after notifying the student.

If you intend to stop, you must notify us before the start of the new session otherwise the courses will continue normally, and you will have to pay for the entire session even if you have only one day to study.

The organization of exams

The student must pass an exam after completing a session or a book or the student will not be counted among those who have studied this level or this book.

The student is not allowed to take time off on the day of the exam except after notifying the administration and presenting a valid reason, the validity there of being judged by the administration.

The student will then have to take the exam at a later date. Otherwise, it will be impossible for him to benefit from documents of the institute (diploma, administrative document, etc.)

It is imperative that the student obtains more than 60% in order to be allowed to progress to a higher level book, otherwise he will be obliged to repeat the level

If he wants a diploma, which certifies his level, he must obtain a grade of over 80% as well as permission from the teacher certifying that the student deserves the diploma in question.

The organization of the regulations

General articles

If the student wishes to stop studying at the institute after paying for the session and after starting to study, his money will not be returned to him.

If the student wishes to stop studying at the institute after paying the session and without studying, his money will then be returned to him (after deducting the payment fees and the amount of 10 euro if the book was sent).

For any temporary stop during the session, the student must notify at least one week in advance, otherwise the rest of the session will not be postponed.

Attention it is strictly forbidden to give the teacher’s contact information to a third person and it is forbidden to ask the teacher to teach outside the institute for himself or for a third party or to advertise him outside of the Al-isbaah institute, even if he asks you for it during your studies and even after leaving the institute.

If the student has been expelled from the institute, the rest of his money will be returned to him, corresponding to the days he did not study, except for western union payments.

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