The general program

It is because the Al-Isbaah Institute is concerned about the success of its students that we have designed for you a method that has proven its worth for several years now.

This method: “Ad-Douroûs Al-Fisâh bi Markez Al-Isbaah”  designed by the Al-Isbaah Institute is intended for a non-Arabic-speaking audience.

The student will study (with Allah’s permission) in this program different subjects of the Arabic language such as:

  • Dialogue (Al-Muhâdathah),
  • Text comprehension (Fahm An-Nusûs).
  • Al Hadîth
  • Al Korân
  • Grammar (An-Nahwu),
  • Morphology (As-Sarf),
  • Rhetoric (Al-Balâghah)

To achieve (with Allah’s permission) the mastery of the fundamental basics of the Arabic language.

Breakdown of the program into sessions:

The program includes a total of 15 levels (or sessions):

  • Level 0: Learning to read, write, as well as some words, sentences, and basic rules.
  • Levels 1-2: Study of dialogues, texts and some basics of Arabic grammar.
  • Levels 3-13: Study of dialogues, texts, grammar (matn Al-Ajouroumiyyah), morphology (Institute book), as well as hadith and quran (juz’Amma).
  • Levels 14-15: Study of literature and rhetoric (Al-Balâghah) with the book “Durûs Al-Balâghah“.