The Al-Isbaah Institute, opened in July 2010 in Alexandria, Egypt, is an innovative institute in its approach to teaching Arabic.

Based on a proven curriculum and a pedagogical approach to teaching Arabic, the institute enables its students, with Allah’s help, to achieve good results in record time.

Our programs fall into four main categories:

  • A general program
  • An advanced program
  • Calligraphy
  • Koran

In order to allow each student to evolve at his or her own pace, each of these three programs can be carried out in groups or in private lessons.

Important note: Despite all the efforts made by the Institute to facilitate the learning of the Arabic language for its students, it remains imperative that they be equipped with seriousness and motivation regarding the work to be done outside the Institute, whether in terms of revision, homework, and the practical application of the courses studied in writing, and especially in oral form.