Frequently asked questions


  • When can I register at your Institute and how? And what is the start date of the school year?

Registration at the Institute is done online at any time of the year, no specific date or time is set for this, the student can register throughout the year.

As for registration, all you have to do is go to the Al-Isbaah Institute website and go to the menu: “study online”, under the heading: “online registration”, at the following link: here.

Then you have to follow the registration steps. Once your application has been received, an exam will be sent to you by email to evaluate your level.

  • How much does it cost to study at your Institute?

You will find all the formulas in the following pages:

  • When do group sessions open at the Institute?

Almost all our students study in private tuition we have very few requests for group courses, however, if a group wishes to study we can open an assignment to them, when they request it, provided they have the same level.

  • What level do you need to be able to integrate your Institute?

No particular level is required to enter the institute, all levels are accepted.

  • Do Arabic language teachers speak English or exclusively Arabic?

All our teachers speak exclusively Arabic and the courses are in Arabic, however our teachers have been trained to teach non-Arabic speakers with a curriculum specially designed and adapted for non-Arabic speakers. In addition, the experience our teachers have acquired over the years helps them to find the tricks that allow them to be understood without too much difficulty. As a general rule, it is not a problem that the student does not understand Arabic -إن شاء الله-.

  • With which application do we study?

The courses are done through the Zoom application which allows the teacher to meet with the student and share with him the book to study, as well as a board to write the course of the day.

  • How long at least can we study per week?

The student can study at least 1 hour per week.

  • How do we pay?

Payment is made on a website whose link will be sent to you when you register and you can make the payment either via PayPal (the fees are at the student’s expense), or by credit card (no fee for the student), or by bank transfer (no fee).

  • Which program should I choose when I register and which program do you recommend?

You can choose to study, as a general program, the books of Medina, or the program of the Al-Isbaah Institute. As for the advanced program (for advanced levels), you can choose any book of grammar, morphology, rhetoric or other according to what your teacher thinks is best for you.

  • How long does it take from registration to the beginning of the course?

This can go very fast and will almost exclusively depend on you, because the sooner you send us back the level assessment test and the sooner you make the payment, the sooner you can start studying.

  • How do religious science courses take place? Do they take place in groups or in private lessons?

Religious science courses are reserved for Arabic speakers and can take place in private or group classes at the student’s request. However, the choice of books to study is limited and predefined by the institute.

  • Can we choose one teacher for two children of different sexes?

No, this is not possible. A boy can only study with a male teacher and a girl can only study with a female teacher.